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You Say It’s Your Birthday!

Yes, I do… almost. Tomorrow I turn a year older. Some people like to ignore birthdays, especially as they move into and through middle age. The passing of each year is, after all, a reminder that our time here is limited, and our bodies wear out, no matter how well we care for them. I prefer to celebrate the fact that, by the grace of God, I have been granted this past year. And, by that same grace, I might be around to celebrate again next year. There is much in my life to be thankful for and to celebrate, not least of which is my family. I’m also thankful for all of you people out there who take time out to read my blog, or follow my comments on Twitter. Writers like to be read, so thanks for reading!

Who else is celebrating a birthday tomorrow (or would be if they were still with us)? Here’s a partial list of folks you might know:

  • Harry Houdini, the escapologist and magician
  • Peyton Manning, the (American) footballer
  • Fanny Crosby, American hymn-writer (“Blessed Assurance,” “To God Be the Glory,” and numerous others)
  • Clyde Barrow, American bank robber (along with partner Bonnie Parker)
  • Joseph Barbera, American animator (Scoobie-Doobie-Doooo!)
  • Steve McQueen, American actor
  • Alan Sugar, English businessman (host of the UK version of “The Apprentice”)
  • Nena, German pop singer (“99 Red Balloons”)
  • Jim Parsons, American actor (“The Big Bang Theory”)

Are any of you celebrating a birthday tomorrow?

And if you want to make this birthday particularly special, why not give a gift that keeps on giving: become a PATRON!! 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend!

Birthday Flash!

Don’t worry, it’s nothing inappropriate. As you may have observed, I’m not doing the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge this year. For the past three years, I’ve posted flash fiction every day in April for this challenge. This year, however, I wanted to work on stories I intend to sell instead. When I told my wife, she was a little disappointed (awww!), since she enjoyed the stories I posted in previous years. “As long as you post one for my birthday,” she said.

My wife’s birthday was on Monday, but I wanted to wait until today to fulfill my end of the bargain, since I knew articles would post on Tuesday, and I didn’t want her to miss it.

But what to write about? I usually have a word or title prompt, so for today’s story, I turned to the trusty Random Word Generator. Here’s what it gave me:

  • square
  • curtain
  • cork
  • socks
  • capital

So, here’s my 200 word story using those five words. Happy birthday, wifey! 🙂

The Cheeder’s Dance

It’s the strangest square dance I’ve ever been to, but we haven’t been out for a month, and I don’t want Amy to think something’s wrong. Besides, she says the Cheeder’s Dance is legendary.

The caller, Mary Beth, leads us through some traditional moves, then


I’m confused. Is this part of her patter? I stand with the other guys, while the girls dance around us. Amy puts her hands in front of my eyes. Ah, yes—curtain. I get it. As her hands fall away, I smell something familiar. But we start promenading, before I can ask.


The girls remove scarves from around their necks and waists. Amy pulls one from a pocket in her skirt, then begins twirling it around my head as she circles me. I’ve seen that scarf before, but I don’t recall Amy ever wearing it. And we’re promenading again.

“Now then ladies, take your bleeders, let’s get capital with those cheeders!”

The girls in unison pull switchblades from their socks. Cheeders? It come at me in a rush. The scent on her wrists, the scarf… she knows.

There’s that perfume smell again.

The flash of a blade.

A tug of my hair.


Another Year Older

Today is my birthday. I won’t say how old I am, but suffice to say that by anyone’s standards (and there are some differing opinions on this) I am in that period of life called “middle age.” This means I am within a particular age range, my hair is greying and thinning, my mental reflexes are not as sharp, and I can expect to gain weight. In other words, if you think I’m fat and stupid, too bad. It’s my age!

Seriously, though, I don’t mind getting older. Sure, it means my time on earth is that much closer to being over, but I wouldn’t trade all I’ve learned over the years I’ve been alive to go back and relive that time. No disrespect intended, but young people think and do some pretty stupid things. I know that from first-hand experience. And part of the reason for this is that many young people are so convinced they know all there is to know, they ignore the sage wisdom from their parents and grandparents. That’s not to say all old people are wise, and all young people are idiots. But with age comes experience, and those that have learned from experience have much to pass on to the next generation if they’d only listen.

Sermon over. Now to some fun stuff. I’m not going to tell you explicitly what year I was born, but here are some artifacts from my birth year. First, some novels that were published the year I was born:

(okay, so the Dr. Seuss book is not really a novel, but it was my oldest daughter’s favorite book when she was little, so I could hardly not include it!)

And here is the number one song in the UK the week I was born:

And the number one song on the US Billboard Hot 100:

Some TV shows that debuted in the US and the UK that year (click the pictures to watch!):

And some people I share a birthday with:

Harry Houdini

Sir Alan Sugar
(English business magnate)

Steve Ballmer
(Former Microsoft CEO)

Lara Flynn Boyle

Do you share a birthday with a celebrity? Or did something significant happen on the day you were born (other than you being born)?

Friday Fun: The Birthday Giveaway and an Award!

On March 24th, I turn another year older. While some people like to ignore birthdays after a certain age, I am not one of those people. So, to celebrate my birthday, I’m hosting a giveaway. My last giveaway was all about a book (the fantastic DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth–if you haven’t read it yet, shame on you!). But since this is my birthday giveaway… okay, it’s a bit more about me this time. Howso? Well, the things you do to get extra entries are things like advertising the giveaway, becoming a Linky Follower, etc. Self-promotion-y types of stuff. I can’t say I’m 100% comfortable with this, but I do want as many people as possible to read my blog (just as I will one day want to get my published works into as many hands as possible), and this is a nice way to do it–by giving someone the gift of books. My birthday gift will be (hopefully) new visitors, and maybe new followers.

What am I giving away? No less than a $20 spending spree at The Book Depository! That’s right. The winner of the giveaway will be allowed to choose a book or books up to a total combined cost of no more than $20. Said winner will send me their book choice(s), and I will place the order on their behalf. And since it’s The Book Depository, the giveaway is open internationally, as long as you live in one of the countries to which The Book Depository ships.

How to enter? If you look along the row of tabs above, you will see that the “Giveaway” tab has returned. Click on it, and you will find a Rafflecopter widget you can use to enter my giveaway. This is the first time I’ve used Rafflecopter, so I hope it works. I’m sure you’ll let me know if you run into problems.

Any questions? Ask in the comments!

A Quick Word About Linky Following…

If you should decide to become a Linky Follower, when you complete your user profile, be sure to put something in the “Thumbnail Message” that identifies you (e.g., your name, or your blog address). The “Thumbnail Message” is the first thing you enter under “Account Information.” What you put in here is what pops up when I hover over your picture in the Linky Followers widget, so it helps me see who you are. Thanks!

Now to The Award…

Last week, S. L. Hennessy awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award. Woohoo! Thanks, S.L., and sorry it’s taken me so long to acknowledge it. S. L.’s blog is here for you to read and follow:


I really appreciate the attention and recognition that comes with the award. However, forgive me if I don’t do the usual pick-people-to-pass-it-on-to and answer-questions stuff. I’ve done a couple of those already recently. But if there are questions you’re just dying to ask me, feel free to use the comments!

Happy Friday!