Walk the Plank: 2013 Rewind

Time for another YA Buccaneers “Walk the Plank” flash fiction challenge. I’ve done a few of these already, so if you follow the blog, you know the score. The same basic rules apply:

  • Write a piece of flash fiction in 200 words or fewer
  • Make it based on the theme of the month (“2012 Rewind”)

You earn points toward the giveaway for entering, and extra points if you manage to:

  • Use the opening words, “‘Twas the night before…”
  • Use the closing words, “It was the ___ night of all.”
  • Use exactly 200 words–no more, no less.

In the past, I’ve managed to achieve all of these. This time, I’m foregoing points for the closing line, because, frankly, I like the way mine ends. Yes, it costs me some points in the giveaway, but for this month, my writerly artistic sensibilities win over extra opportunities to win a book. Perhaps you disagree and can think of a better ending that uses the words “It was the ____ night of all”–feel free to offer your suggestions in the comments.

Here it is:

The Card

‘Twas the night before Christmas, 2012. I only had ten minutes with the time modulator, but I couldn’t resist. From the shadows of the hallway, I looked in on the den where we sat watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” This was the last time I was in Karen’s house. In less than 24 hours, she would disown me. And all because of a card.

The card.

I tiptoed upstairs to the dining room table. There it was, unopened, on top of the Michael Bublé CD I’d bought her. Just seeing the card made my stomach knot. I couldn’t simply write “Merry Christmas.” No—I had to tell her how she was so much more than a friend to me. Big mistake.

“I feel sorry for her, that’s all.” It was her father’s voice coming from their room. My hands paused from making the first tear. “She’ll never know what it’s like to have a guy tell her she’s beautiful. Nothing we can do, though… that’s genetics.”

I felt a surge of anger. But my time was up. I put the card back on top of the CD.

She may hate me for loving her.

But at least I loved her.

Interested in having a go at some flash fiction? There’s still time to enter the “Walk the Plank” challenge. Check out the YA Buccaneers blog for details.

3 Responses to Walk the Plank: 2013 Rewind

  1. Wow, nice job, Colin!! It looks like you’re getting good at this. :D

    • Thanks, Susan! What can I say? Flash fiction is fun, so I tend to jump at any opportunity to write it. I can only hope that, as a result, I’m getting better. It certainly helps sharpen my editing skills, which I need a lot of these days. :)

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