The Making of a Middle Grade Novel

Ever wondered why it takes so long for a book to be published–at least in the traditional sense? Are you, like me, waiting for the next book in a series, hoping you’ll survive the year or so until publication? YA/MG author Lauren Oliver (BEFORE I FALL, DELIRIUM, LIESL AND PO), along with HarperCollins, her publisher, has made a series of videos describing the process of getting a book from idea to publication. They use Lauren’s latest Middle Grade novel, THE SPINDLERS, as an example, and in the final video, Lauren reads the first three chapters of the book. So, yeah, it’s thinly-veiled promotion for Lauren’s new book–but it’s very interesting, nevertheless!

Here’s the entire series in a playlist. The first video is a fifty second trailer for the series. Each of the next six videos is between 5-8 minutes long, and the last video is about 30 minutes long. Enjoy!:


What novel are you eagerly anticipating?

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