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So, we’re already a week into December and there’s not been a single Christmas blog post here. What’s wrong with me? It’s true that by this time last year, I had already posted a “Top Five Christmas Traditions” list. I do have some Christmas-related posts in mind, and hopefully they will see the light of day before next year!

Some other things to look out for this month:

  • My Book of the Year for 2012. You can see who the main contenders are (minus this month’s, of course) by reviewing all my Road Trip Wednesday “Book of the Month” winners. Which do you think it’ll be? No prizes or anything–just “told-you-so” bragging rights when December 31 rolls around.
  • The Second Annual Book of the Year Giveaway! Yes, I am planning on hosting another giveaway wherein I will offer a copy of the book that won my Book of the Year. Technically this will happen in early January, but it’s related to this year… anyway, more on that closer to the time. Which of the contenders would you love to win?
  • Possibly, POSSIBLY, a special piece of flash fiction or short story. It’s been a while since I treated (or tortured, depending on your perspective) my readers with a story, so I’ll see if I can make that happen in time for Christmas.

If you blog, do you have any special posts planned this month? Yes, I’m offering you free advertising space in my comments! Feel free to include a link to your blog in your response.


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  1. I’ve been a lousy blogger and blog commenter these past few weeks. I’m hoping that the Christmas season will help me recharge and that come January I’ll be ready to jump right back in. Looking forward to seeing what your book of the year will be. :)

    • I’ve not been as good about commenting on blogs these past few weeks, either… which makes me feel bad about hoping people will comment on my blog. Like you, I need to get back into things. Just so you know, even if I don’t leave a comment, I’m still a stat on your blog visitors. 😀

  2. I just looked through your RTW Book of the Month winners and saw that you read NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman. I really enjoyed that one too. I’m not sure which book you’ll pick as the best read of 2012 though. Maybe THE BOOK THIEF?

    • NEVERWHERE was the first thing of Neil Gaiman’s I’d ever read. I enjoyed the episode of Doctor Who he wrote, so I knew he could write. But I was encouraged by NEVERWHERE to put Gaiman on my “must read more of his stuff” list. :)

      THE BOOK THIEF is certainly a strong contender. But there are some other strong contenders too (off the top of my head I’m thinking of CINDER, SHATTER ME, GOLIATH, THE PERICLES COMMISSION…. my, this is going to be tough!). I might post a list of contenders after the RTW Book of the Month for December article. :)

  3. I’m thinking GOLIATH for your book of 2012. :)

    • That would be a good choice, Emma, especially given how much I enjoyed that whole series. But there are other worthy contenders. Let’s just say, I’m giving this a lot of thought over the next few weeks, and it won’t be an easy decision!

  4. When it gets closer to Christmas I might post a few things up. :) I’ll have to have a look at what I posted up last year so I’m not repeating anything. I can definitely think of a few Christmas traditions that I keep. When it comes to Christmas I’m a huge traditionalist but that’ll change slightly this year. We’re at Darlington this Christmas so I’ll be adding walks and mass to the list. I love the idea of a Christmas fry up!

    • I have lots of fond memories of old Christmas traditions growing up… but we’re also creating our own new ones here. That’s what happens when you get married, move to another country, have kids, etc. :)

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