Friday Fives: Random Carpark Tunes

Friday Fives meets the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge today, and we get five Random Carpark tunes. Random Carpark is the name my older brother uses for his online musical projects. He’s primarily a guitarist (he plays in a couple of bands in Wales, where he lives), but can also handle some keyboards and other instruments as the need arises. He has a YouTube channel (see the link on the sidebar under “Cool Websites”) that contains a number of pieces. Some are what I call “reverse karaoke” songs, where he has taken the vocal track from the original and replaced the backing with his own arrangement. Others are original instrumental pieces. I have selected five for your enjoyment:

Rolling in the Deep

This is his re-working of the Adele song:


Another re-working, this time of the classic Tears for Fears song:

Horsell Common and the Heat Ray

Random Carpark’s version of the piece from Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds:


An original composition:


Another original composition:

4 thoughts on “Friday Fives: Random Carpark Tunes

  1. Kathy S. Collier-Mehl

    I think this was awesome, and I loved his creative original pieces the best. He really has talent. Thanks for the introduction. I wish him success. I’m just A to Z-ing it. Nice to meet you. Stop on by and say hi sometimes.

    1. cds Post author

      Thanks on his behalf, Kathy! This is what he loves to do, and I’m proud of him for pursuing his dream, even though it isn’t very financially rewarding at the moment. Thanks for dropping in!


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