I’ve Been Tagged!

On Monday, Vicki Orians tagged me. I’ve never been blog-tagged before. The idea is that the person tagging you asks a bunch of questions that you have to answer. You then come up with your own set of questions and tag a bunch of people you would like to answer those questions. It’s a kind of “getting to know you better” way of drawing attention to other people’s blogs. Here’s Vicki’s blog so you can visit, join, and enjoy:


For this particular tag chain, I answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions, and choose 11 people to answer those questions.

Let the interrogation fun begin!

Vicki’s Questions:

1. What two characters would you like to see battle each other?
Sauron vs. Voldemort.

2. Who is your greatest inspiration?
From a literary perspective, I have drawn inspiration from different people for different reasons, including C. S. Lewis, Arthur Conan Doyle, and J. K Rowling. If you want one person that I could point to as someone that has generally inspired my life, that would have to be my friend and academic mentor Dr. James R. White, for his scholarship, his integrity, his humility, and his example of godly living.

3. If you could change places with any book character, who would it be and why?
Dr. John H. Watson, working alongside Sherlock Holmes, being first-hand witness to his brilliance, being a part of solving mysteries, and then getting to write it all up afterwards. Sounds like fun to me.

4. Sum up your current WiP in one sentence.
A teenage alien travels to Earth thinking she has gone back to 1978, but has in fact traveled back to 1879… and her time travel device has run out of electricity.

5. Are you a plot-driven writer or a character-driven writer?
I thought I was plot-driven, and I like to have a good plot, but I think I tend to be more character-driven. The best plot in the world can be dull if the characters are wooden and boring.

6. What is your biggest fear?
Anything that involves my family suffering.

7. When you walk into a book store, where do you go first?
I usually head for the YA books first.

8. Cats or dogs?

9. You’ve just been placed in the Witness Protection Program. What’s your alias?
Tim Shinloc (see this RTW for an explanation).

10. Would you rather live in outerspace or under the sea? Why?
Outerspace: I can’t swim. 🙂

11. If you HAD to lose one of your senses, which one would you choose to live without?
Smell. Though I love them all, I think being able to smell things matters less to me than being able to taste, touch, hear, or see (and if I had to lose my senses, that’s the order I would prefer to lose them).


My Questions:

  1. Which fictional character would you love to invite over for dinner?
  2. Think of one person you aren’t able to see for whatever reason (distance, availability, etc.) you would love to meet up with. Who is this person? This can be a famous person, a relative, a literary agent–anyone, as long as they are alive.
  3. Which “classic” novel do you think least deserves that title?
  4. If you could be any historical figure, who would that be and why?
  5. Where in the world would you most like to visit, and why?
  6. If you were a crayon, what colo(u)r would you be, and why?
  7. Let’s pretend you have J. K. Rowling’s bank account. What’s for dinner tonight?
  8. Coke or Pepsi?
  9. Tea or Coffee?
  10. Think of your favo(u)rite band or song from the 1960s or 1970s. What/who is it?
  11. When you get (or got) “the call” from an agent, who will be (or was) the first person you will tell (or you told)?


My Victims Subjects:

  1. Bailey Hammond (Over Yonder…)
  2. Jaime Morrow (J’aime Reading, Writing, Rambling)
  3. Elodie (CommutingGirl)
  4. Brianne Carter (Words and the World)
  5. Susan Francino (The Feather and the Rose)
  6. Tyler-Rose Counts (The Feather and the Rose)
  7. Daisy Carter (Fresh as a Daisy)
  8. Robin Moran (The Nook)
  9. Emma Maree
  10. Miss Cole (Miss Cole Seeks Publisher)
  11. Melanie Stanford (Daydreamer to Writer)

I would greatly appreciate it if the above 11 would answer my 11 questions, and then tag another 11 people with their own 11 questions. And put a comment below when you’ve posted your questions so we can all visit you and see your answers! Thanks. 🙂

11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. Vicki Orians

    Hey Colin! Thanks for answering my questions. It was great learning more about you!

    I’m picturing that battle scene between Sauron and Voldemort….Good choice. 🙂

  2. Kris Atkins

    Your WIP sounds really interesting. I’m dying to know why she wanted to travel to 1978 specifically, and then all her adventures that ensue when she ends up in the wrong year.
    Dr. Watson would be a great person to trade places with. Plus, he’s pretty smart himself (and I’m hoping if I traded places with him, I’d also gain his intelligence).

  3. E.Maree

    I loved your inclusion of optional British spellings in your questions. I always head for the YA section first in a book store as well, though UK bookshops still have a bad habit of labelling it ‘children’s fiction’. At least give it the dignity of ‘teen fiction’, Waterstones!

    After losing most of my weekend to reading Divergent (so good!) I found the chance to respond, though I copped out entirely when it came to tagging others. xD



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