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Agents & Agenting
What to Ask on Agent Reference Calls: I want to know what an agent's like to work with. How do I approach contacting clients?
My Ms got a LOT of interest in #PitchWars: I have multiple offers of representation and need help choosing the right Agent/Agency.
Working with Junior Agents: A senior agent handed me off to one of the agency newcomers. Is this okay?
Conference While in Query Limbo: I have fulls out on my ms, and my WiP isn't ready. How do I make the most of a pitch session?
Questions to Ask at a Conference MS Evaluation: What questions are appropriate to ask an agent during a 15-minute manuscript appraisal?
Hiring an Independent Editor: Do agents want to see professionally edited manuscripts, or would this mask the writer's abilities?
Non-Commercial Memoir: What is it? And what do I do with it if that's what I've written?
Where Do I Belong?: I can't figure out my book's genre/category--is that a problem in my query?
Format Guidelines Were Not Instituted To Drive You Crazy. That's Just a Perk: How do I format my novel manuscript?
Marketing Plans for My Novel: An agent asked for one with my full. Do I need one yet?
When an Agent Requests Your Full Manuscript: The dos and don'ts of sending your manuscript.
Querying While Suffering from Depression: How to manage query rejection when one's mental health is a serious concern.
Re-Querying after a Major Revision: Is it okay to query again if the agent didn't request an R&R?
Writer Worries
Is It Possible I'm a Good Writer and Agents Are Still Rejecting Me?: If I'm a good writer, what's with the form rejections?
Can a Writer Set Privacy Boundaries and Still Get Published?: How to handle publishing when privacy is vital to mental health.